Commercial Management

We offer commercial management services at competitive rates.

We use innovative methods and technology to keep our costs low and therefore can be competitive on the fees charged whilst maintaining our profitability. When we manage your ships, we treat them as ours and work with your own teams as partners.

We leverage on the strengths of your team to work towards the common goal – maximize the revenue for your vessel.

From our past work experience, we understand the needs of charterers, of owners, and that of the technical manager and the crew onboard. This allows us to be empathetic and see things as they are – some call it being mindful – to us, it’s the logical way to focus on the task and ensure all the stakeholders’ interests are taken care of.

Our credentials and testimonials are our partners and customers in the market.

Flexible Options

Explore: Are you an owner who wants to try the spot market? Please come join us, give us your vessel on a trial commercial management and see if you are happy with the experience and the results. We are growing and would welcome you with open arms. If you prefer the security of a time charter, we can guide you and find you the best employment options for your vessel. We are active in the market and have our finger on the pulse.

Long term plans: do you want to leverage on our experience and team to expand your capabilities? We can work with a tailor-made arrangement where we work with your teams.