About the company

Carbon Shipping offers a comprehensive range of services that meet the commercial, technical, and operational management needs of shipowners, the logistics requirements of commodity movers, and practical expertise to support investors and financiers.

We provide precise, focused consulting. If we cannot understand your needs on our first interaction – we won’t waste your time and money. We can provide focused consulting for Projects of all scales. Speak to us and share your plans and ideas, and we would love to see if we can smoothen the process and put a smile on your face.

We offer commercial management services at competitive rates. We use innovative methods and technology to keep our costs low and therefore can be competitive on the fees charged whilst maintaining our profitability.When we manage your ships, we treat them as ours and work with your own teams as partners.

Our services cover a wide range of project management. We have the experience of handling turnkey projects where we execute the entire process from pre-purchase inspection, commercial negotiations for SNP, closing on your behalf; to taking over the vessel and dry docking it for you - at all times with full transparency.

We have been Owners, Charterers, Brokers & Oil Traders Operators. We have been in your shoes. When we inspect a ship or a tank – we become your eyes. Pre-purchase inspection: we inspect ships like owners, as if it is our money that will be spent and will provide you a report which gives you the factual condition and will go further to advise you on the areas that we think will be challenges and can cause higher costs for you.

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